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Hey there! myself Gaurav and I am a web developer with a fresh (and not a fresher) knowledge and perspective towards modern internet world. After working in a company for a handful of years and as a freelancer for few years, I started "Freshbits" to give an identity to my work and my craft.

As the name suggests, each part of the entity is excitingly prepared to serve you with a fresh way and latest methodologies of websites. As we grow at a steady rate, we have been injecting new web artisans very carefully to be able to continuously provide pro level services in all areas like consulting, planning, development and support.

Client-first-approach is at the center (and corners as well ;)) of our company culture and clear communication has always been the first on our list. Now, even I am tired of this one way communication and eagerly waiting to see you press Contact button and drop a quick message. Striving to talk with you soon. Great wishes!


What do we have to offer

Web Hosting

While we aren't a full fledged web hosting provider yet, we can get you powerful hosting services and world class support via our partner company.

Web Development

This is our core service and here's where we excel the most. Development from scratch; Customization; Performance Optimization; You name it - We solve it.

Web Design

Honestly, also this one is something which we provide you for completing package. Its not just to fill up space though. Quality service assured.


Amazing stories that we recently built

Mammam Food Delivery

Mammam Food Delivery

Malaysiyan food delivery service

Laravel Factory

Laravel Factory

Laravel CRUD Generation 2.0



Leading SME business solutions provider

Open Source

Our open source packages that can save your time.

Laravel Log Enhancer

Make debugging easier by adding more data to your laravel logs (Laravel 5.6)


Laravel Cart Manager

Managing the cart in your Laravel application is a breeze. Links: 1. Demo , 2. Docs



A Laravel package to handle server side ajax of Datatables. Demo Here


Our Amazing Team

Gaurav Makhecha

Gaurav Makhecha

Founder & Web Developer

Hiren Keraliya

Hiren Keraliya

Web Developer

We're Hiring

PHP, Laravel, VueJS

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