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About Us

Do you believe a well-coded system can either make or break the future of the business? We do.

Do you also believe writing readable, maintainable, well-tested and well-documented code is very important for the long-term gains? We too.

Creating a user-friendly website which is very fast and secure takes experience. And that’s what we have acquired. If you are looking for a team which can quickly craft a working solution for your next venture; Or if your existing solution is not matching with the standards of your business, let us discuss. We create solutions for individuals and companies across the globe.

  • Food Delivery or Travel Booking Platform

    Food Delivery or Travel Booking Platform

    Whether you need a system to let all the foodie people order your delicious food or to let the backpackers schedule and plan their trips, we can build a beautiful and performant portal for you.

  • Logistics and Financial Management System

    Logistics and Financial Management System

    Whether you want to build a system for Logistics or for Accounting and Finance where every penny counts and security is of utmost importance, we’ve got your back.

  • Healthcare or Club Members Management

    Healthcare or Club Members Management

    Or, you want to manage the records of your club members or patients, we have got a ton of experience with that.

  • Student or Learning Management System

    Student or Learning Management System

    Storing thousands of records and reporting them beautifully is the key to success for any backend system. LMSes and Student CRMs are no exceptions. Been there; Done that.

Technology Stack

One of the many qualities that our existing clients like about our service is that we use up-to-date and stable tools. We work not just to complete a project, we work to "support it for a lifetime" and make sure that the systems we create help achieve your business goals.

Laravel Development Laravel Development
PHP Development PHP Development
Schema Design Schema Design
Test Driven Development Test Driven Development
API Development API Development
Vue.js Vue.js
Bootstrap Bootstrap
Laravel Mix Laravel Mix
Webpack Webpack
Progressive Web Apps Progressive Web Apps
Stripe Stripe
Algolia Algolia
Mailchimp Mailchimp
Laravel Nova Laravel Nova
Laravel Socialite Laravel Socialite
Laravel Passport Laravel Passport
Server Setup Server Setup
Digital Ocean Digital Ocean
Laravel Forge Laravel Forge
Amazon Web Services AWS
Nginx Nginx
Docker Docker
Cloudflare Cloudflare
Linux Linux
Google Drive Google Drive
Slack Slack
Trello Trello
Plain Paper (schema design) Plain Paper (schema design)
Skype Skype
Our code powers some of the very powerful web apps that help businesses across the globe.

Some of the backend systems that we have built on-demand for our wonderful clients.


Don't just take our word for it.

Working with a consultative approach by clear communication and providing support for the lifetime of the project is our USP. Ask any of our clients.

Freshbits team is very professional, fast, always available, had all the skills it took to fulfill the job and work with lots of care for detail.
Claudi Sult
Greenme Berlin
Gaurav transformed my project from a risky, drawn-out initiative to a solid, best-in-class app delivered on schedule.
Jason Cooper
Peerless group
Delight to work with, great with communications from the start and always thoughtful in feedback on methods of achieving our goal.
Andre Liem
Midstride Tech
This team has been a dream to work with. They quickly understand business requirements and the bigger picture whilst producing high quality code.
Ross M
IT House


People with kind hearts and unique brains.

Gaurav Makhecha Hiren Keraliya Rajan Parmar Maybe You Contact Background Gaurav Makhecha Hiren Keraliya Rajan Parmar


Founder & Web Developer


Web Developer


Web Developer

Maybe you?

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Some of our writing pieces that you may like.
We like open-source. And love to contribute. Some of our packages:
Laratables icon
Ajax support of DataTables (Laravel 5.5 - Laravel 5.8) Demo Here
Laravel Log Enhancer Icon
Laravel Log Enhancer
Make debugging easier by adding more data to your laravel logs (Laravel 5.6 to Laravel 5.8)
Laravel Cart Manager icon
Laravel Cart Manager
Managing the cart in your Laravel application is a breeze Links: 1. Demo , 2. Docs
You can meet us personally on our next meetup or event...
We believe in sharing and learning together. And that is why we set aside a few hours every week for local community-related work like arranging meetups, preparing for a talk and others. Here are some of the photos of lovely people participating in the local events.


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