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When his friend Pedro was showing him a backend system, Martin was quick to realize that a lot of his and team members’ time could be saved by making a custom solution for managing the music business.


Martin, from the beautiful country Switzerland, runs Nuvotone ( and Catapult Music ( which offers high-quality production music for the media industry. The credits of their production music catalogs include commercials for brands like Nestlé, Hera Cosmetics, as well as uses on TV shows and series on a daily basis.

The Problem

Martin is using FileMaker to manage all the data related to Albums, Labels, Composers, Tracks, etc. The problem is that it’s limited to his computer. He needed a system where all the team members and composers could contribute online. The tasks include Composer registration, New track submissions, Feedback and revisions, Album brief management, WAV files management, and much more…

Martin used to do all this via traditional communication tools like emails which took a lot of time back and forth and sometimes missing data in the records of history.

The Solution

Martin contacted us and we made handmade custom software to let all the different types of users to perform their tasks efficiently with speed. Some of the data still needed to Sync with FileMaker and thanks to Joshua’s excellent work with APIs, we could make it possible for Martin.

Automated emails, a single place to play tracks, provide and read feedback, single-click file downloads, One-page album brief overviews, file validations and naming conventions, Internal notes, and reports are just some of the features that changed the game for the business.

The Outcome

This backend system is saving many hours of time every week for all the users combined. And Martin is more than happy as the saved time can be invested for future growth. The system is scalable enough to handle hundreds of tracks and composers for smooth operations.

Let's hear it in Martin's words

I work in the music industry and own / operate several labels in which music gets licensed for media, such as film, TV, online, and other uses.

the production of an album includes steps like sending out the album brief to composers, reviewing the composer's submission for it and providing feedback, formatting filenames, etc etc - it quite processes until an album is finished.

I was looking for a CRM solution that helps to make this process for both me as a publisher as well as for the composers as smooth and easy as possible, so we all can focus on what matters most for us: the music, and getting this music published.

Gaurav and his team helped me realize this vision, and having now worked with it for roughly 6 months, there's no way I'd ever would want to go back to the 'old' system with having wade through email histories, correcting the formating of audio files and many more time-consuming (and inefficient) tasks.

It has been a pure pleasure to work with Gaurav, he never got stuck on any technical requirement/issue that came up along the way and always found a solid solution.

Thank you so much for working with me!


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