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Why Freshbits

  • Great team

    A company is as good as its culture. And the attitude and enthusiasm of the team lift everyone up. We're proud of our team.

  • Developer growth

    International clients, Top-level code quality, and exciting projects built from scratch. You do actual programming here.

  • No overtimes

    We do not remember when was the last time we had to work late. We believe in spending enough time with family and friends.

  • 5 working days

    Enough time for family, friends, and travelling. A good week's work and then a good amount of rest + recharge.

  • Humanly decisions to “leaves”

    We schedule the work with some extra space for unexpected circumstances. You have control over your time.

  • Open Source

    We actively develop packages and put code in the open. That’s where true learning lies. Witness and experience the growth.

  • Local Community

    We invest time in organising local meetups and get you in touch with like-minded people. We are all in this together.

  • Decision making involvement

    Team members’ opinion counts around the important decisions around the company. Benefit of being a small entity, right?

  • Parties, food & games

    We believe in ‘Work hard, Play harder!’ The whole environment is always light and fresh with food and games.

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