Laravel Livewire Expert (Freelancer | Dedicated)

Dear friends,

We are looking for a Laravel Livewire Expert!!
Are you an experienced Livewire developer?
Read on!


What is this about?

  • We wish to develop an Ecommerce marketplace from scratch.
  • The requirements are ready and we need to move fast.
  • The plan is to MVP and then present to a prospect.
  • We have a team of Laravel developers but we aren't experts with Livewire yet.

More Details

  • We are open to dedicated developers from agencies.
  • And also to freelancer buddies.
  • The only condition is that the developer has worked on Livewire web apps that are in production.
  • We depend on you to take care of performance, secutiry, and maintainability of the project.
  • You can work remotely. And if needed, we can meet a few times.
Selection process
  • 1
    First meeting is quite simple where we get to know each other and ask basic questions. If things work out,
  • 2
    We request you to give a practical test, code review, advice on a given technical problem, or something related.
  • 3
    We join hands and start making this great system together.


Freshbits Web Solutions,
205, Time Square,
Ayodhya Chowk,
150ft Ring Road, Rajkot.

Technologies used

Being front-runners, we keep the software and libraries up-to-date and that allows getting things done quickly.
And that keeps us, as individual developers, always in high demand.

Next Step
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